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Posted 7th April 2020

How are you managing the process of finding new Tenants?

Answer:  There are currently a lot of tenants who are concerned about visual inspections due to the social distancing rules, so we have managed to limit face-to-face contact and yet successfully continue to provide a high level of service to owners and tenants.  To protect both current and prospective tenants, we have made it policy to NOT hold viewings while tenants are still living in their homes. Our first viewing is held after the property has been cleaned and the vacate inspection has been completed.  We commence advertising and we also upload a Video Tour of the property wherein our staff show the property and all its attributes and explain on the video all the information that tenants usually want.  We have found this to be an excellent tool and we are renting many properties with the Video Tour.  The tenants are also required to sign a ‘Site unseen letter referring to the Video Tour due to COVID-19. 

Should any prospective tenants wish to personally inspect the home, we certainly arrange this, however, screen them to ensure they are not experiencing any flu like symptoms and we explain the social distancing and gathering rules together with sanitizing requirements prior to their arrival at the property.  If there is more than one group wanting a private inspection, we schedule the time slots accordingly.  We ask other groups to wait for their time slot in the comfort of their airconditioned vehicle, so there is no cross over with other tenants.  Our online Application makes applying for a property quick and effortless – no need to print, and no need for face-to-face meetings or exchange of paperwork. We also ask visitors to avoid touching anything inside the home.