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Posted 19th April 2020 in COVID-19 Updates

Landlord Insurance

Good morning to all our Landlords on this lovely Sunday
Since sending out my updates to you all, I have been receiving a lot of phone calls and emails with a lot of you inquiring about what can and can’t be claimed on your Landlord Insurance Policy due to the COVID-19 effects that have caused a major change in our industry and I am sure it is causing a lot of distress and concern for you if your tenants are impacted financially due to loss of jobs.
Terri Scheer have now put together some FAQs which can be viewed on their website via the below link.  Please take the time to read this information to help you understand your Landlord Insurance Policy due to COVID-19.
https://www.terrischeer.com.au/covid-19/If Terri Scheer releases any updates to their policy, they will do so on this link.  We will be monitoring this link closely as well.

If you have Landlord Insurance with another Insurer, we urge you to please check their current policy due to COVID-19 because they will all have modifications as to what you can and can’t claim at this time.