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Posted 3rd April 2020 in COVID-19 Updates

Coronavirus Update 3rd April

With all the closures and health directives occuring due to COVID-19, we are fortunate we are still open for business and we have the ability to work remotely, although there are limitations and the way we are doing business has changed, we need to embrace the change to survive and continue to assist landlords and tenants.


The REIQ has written to the Attorney General and Minister of Justice asking the Real Estate industry be considered an essential service.  This is to ensure if there are further restrictions and a formal lockdown, we can still carry on business.  35% of our population in Queensland rent their homes and the vast majority are being managed by Agents so it is critical we keep real estate going as an essential service.


As you are aware the rental eviction moratorium has been spoken of and is to be imposed across the whole of Australia.  The REIQ is working with the State Government to establish what the rules surrounding the moratorium looks like.  This is causing huge anxiety and stress for property managers, owners and tenants as it is still a little unknown what the end result will be.  It is critical we have clarity from the Government so we have the guidelines to work with.