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Posted 2nd April 2020 in COVID-19 Updates

Coronavirus Update 2nd April

Last night the Government announced a new COVID-19 rental grant.  There are a couple of things that both tenants and landlords need to understand, as follows:


  1. The grant is considered a ‘last resort grant’.  This means the tenant needs to have exhausted all avenues and options before they apply for the grant and they will need to demonstrate evidence they have attempted to negotiate with the owner first.


  1. Tenants need to be directed to the RTA website:



They will see on the home page a link directly to the grant.  They will find the application form and overview of the eligibility criteria they need to meet.


The grant is a maximum of $500 per week and only for 4 weeks.  Any funds paid by the grant will be paid directly to the Agent for rent.


The REIQ is meeting again with the Department of Housing today.