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Posted 25th March 2020 in COVID-19 Updates

Coronavirus Update – 25th March

Good Afternoon,


We are sure you, along with everyone else in Australia watched Scott Morrison’s address to the Nation last night and the closures imposed to many more industries which is only the start of others to come.  We were expecting him to address ‘Rental Properties’, however, that will now be presented by Scott Morrison tonight which means we will all be glued to the TV.


We are receiving a lot of calls from Landlords and Tenants asking what will happen if a tenant loses their job, whether they will be required to pay rent and also how landlord insurance comes into play.  At this moment, it is business as usual and as always our priority is to work for you and protect your asset.  The Government is releasing new guidelines for us to abide by when it comes to non-payment of rent, Notices to Leave and tenants vacating.  We are certainly in unchartered territory at the moment and are at the mercy of the Governments directives.  We will send an email to you all tomorrow with the outcomes and the effect it will have on the non-payment of rent scenarios etc. and we urge you all to tune in and listen to the Prime Minister’s address tonight.


We thank you for your patience at this time and understand this is extremely frustrating and concerning, however until this evening we do not have any further information and cannot respond to individual questions until tomorrow.